Sustainability in Infrastructure Development

  • September 29, 2020 2:00 pm
  • Online
  • Steven Middleton (ARRB)
    Lincoln Latter (ARRB)
    Dr. James Grenfell (ARRB)


Sustainability is a core aspect of the WARRIP program with numerous investigations into developing a transport network that meets social, economic and environmental needs. This webinar will showcase three current investigations that focus on embedding sustainability in infrastructure development to provide improved outcomes for the community of Western Australia.

1. Sustainability Assessment Tool for Innovative Pavements presented by Steven Middleton

Main Roads has implemented an Infrastructure Council Sustainability Assessment (ISCA) rating process that requires the quantification of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and sustainability benefits. The ISCA sustainability ratings tool can be used for standard pavement technologies; however, it does not have the flexibility to quantify innovative pavement designs, such as those using recycled materials – due to existing tool limitations. This project addresses this capability gap by developing a user-friendly sustainability assessment tool to enable consistent and reliable quantification and comparison of lifecycle sustainability and economic impacts of pavements.

Slides can be accessed HERE

2. Investigating the use of Recycled Materials in Granular Support Layers in WA presented by Lincoln Latter

With the intention of reducing Western Australia’s reliance on non-renewable resources, there has been an increased focus on identifying high-value applications for using recycled waste materials within civil infrastructure applications. WARRIP will investigate two materials, recycled crushed glass and surplus fines from quarrying operations. These materials may provide high-value alternatives to virgin aggregate in granular support layers, improving the performance of pavements in Western Australia and diverting these products from the waste stream.

Slides can be accessed HERE

3. Investigating the use of Recycled Plastic in Future Sustainable road Infrastructure presented by James Grenfell

Current waste management challenges across the world have required governments to develop innovative policies that target the implementation of single-use materials throughout the economy. Sustainable materials and construction practices are the future of road infrastructure in Western Australia and present great development potential to productively recycle single-use materials. Research into the use of recycled waste plastics in asphalt has begun yet no specification or standard assessment methodology exists. WARRIP in collaboration with NACoE in Queensland are understanding how best to use recycled and reclaimed materials in road infrastructure without adversely affecting service life, user safety, connectivity-enabling ability, workplace health and safety, and environmental impact.

Slides can be accessed HERE